API monitoring for Flask

Monitor your
Flask apps with ease.

Apitally helps you understand how your APIs are being used and alerts you when things go wrong. Just add two lines of code to your project.

Screenshot of Apitally dashboard
Works with the most popular web frameworks in Python and Node.js
FastAPI (Python)
Flask (Python)
Django (Python)
Starlette (Python)
Express (Node.js)
Fastify (Node.js)
Litestar (Python)
NestJS (Node.js)
Koa (Node.js)

API metrics & analytics

Easily understand your API, its usage and consumers

Get actionable usage and performance insights about your API, each endpoint and individual API consumers, allowing you to make informed, data-driven engineering and product decisions. API monitoring was never this easy.

  • Traffic: Track number of requests over time, per endpoint and per consumer
  • Errors: Monitor client & server errors, understand impact and root causes
  • Response times: Understand the performance of each endpoint, identify bottlenecks
  • Payload sizes: Keep track of request & response sizes and total data transferred
Requests tab in endpoint insights modal on Apitally dashboard

API request logComing soon

Log, find and inspect each request and response

Drill down from insights to individual requests or use powerful filtering to understand exactly how consumers have interacted with your API. Take troubleshooting and customer support for your API to the next level.

Our privacy features let you control what is and what isn't being logged so you can keep sensitive data protected with ease.

Join the waitlist for this feature below and we'll let you know when it's available!
Requests tab in endpoint insights modal on Apitally dashboard
Coming soon

API uptime monitoring & alerting

Make sure you are the first to know if your API is down

Monitor API uptime and availability and get notified immediately if there is a problem, so you can address it before it impacts consumers.

  • Uptime checks: Apitally automatically checks whether your application is running and is sending data to our servers every minute.
  • Health checks: Send HTTP GET requests to a specified endpoint in 1 minute intervals to monitor the availability of your API.
Uptime chart on Apitally dashboard

Other benefits

Made for developers and product owners

API consumer identification
Gain deep insights into how each consumer interacts with your APIs by associating requests with a consumer identifier.
Sentry integration
Fully understand the root causes of server errors in your APIs by having them linked with the relevant issues in Sentry.
Open-source SDKs
Our client libraries are open-source, have minimal dependencies and provide specific integrations for supported frameworks.
Apitally is super easy to set up with minimal code changes. No infrastructure changes required. No impact on performance.
Easily check on your APIs while on the go with our mobile-friendly dashboard that is optimized for both small and large screens.
Data privacy focus
Built from the ground up with data privacy in mind, giving you peace of mind that sensitive data remains protected.


Choose the right plan for you

You can start out on the free plan to see if Apitally meets your needs and then upgrade at any time without commitment.

The basics for your hobby project.

$0 / month
Select plan
  • 1 connected app
  • 1 dashboard user
  • 3 active app instances
  • 10 API consumers
  • API health checks
  • Priority support
Get started with premium features.

$19 / month
Select plan
  • 3 connected apps
  • 3 dashboard users
  • 10 active app instances
  • 50 API consumers
  • API health checks
  • Priority support
Full package with generous allowances.

$49 / month
Select plan
  • 10 connected apps
  • Unlimited dashboard users
  • 50 active app instances
  • Unlimited API consumers
  • API health checks
  • Priority support

Prices in USD, excluding tax. Cancel anytime.

How it works

Get started in 3 simple steps

Create app modal on Apitally dashboard
Sign up and create your app in the Apitally dashboard.
App setup code for FastAPI
Add the Apitally middleware to your project by copying & pasting a couple of lines of code.
Traffic metrics on Apitally dashboard
Deploy your app and watch the data flow into your Apitally dashboard.

Frequently asked questions

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